Newsflash 2

Newsflash Articles  presented by the Newsflash Module offer a different way of presenting news content in your website.

How are they different from blogs?


Newsflash vs News Blog

Newsflash Articles presented by a Newsflash Module can be published in any position of your website (sidebars, top, bottom etc).

The newsflash article intro is presented anywhere outside the main body.

The full newsflash article, when Read more ... is selected, is presented in the main body.

Blog posts on the other hand are published in their entirety (intros + full article) in the main body.


Newsflash Article and Blog Post Titles

Good SEO practice is to style Article titles using Heading 1 tags.

Heading 2 tags are however to be preferred for styling the titles of Newsflash Articles and Blog Posts.

Reason: to avoid presentation of more than one Heading 1 on screen at any one time.

The latter confuses the search engine bots!